Junior Guard Prep & Conditioning  – Spring 2024

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Junior Guard Prep is a class designed to improve students existing swimming techniques to better prepare for Junior Lifeguard tests. It is open to new and existing WWSS members ages 9-13. Students must be able to swim two lengths (50 yards) freestyle to be eligible.

JG Prep will introduce students to techniques to improve streamlining, breath control, stroke mechanics, kicking, underwater swimming, and treading water. Timed practice tests. Discussions and strategies on how to best prepare for test day will also be offered.

Two, four-week sessions will be offered. The kids swim once per week for 40 minutes. The fee is $100. The class days are Tuesdays 7:25-8:05; Wednesdays 7:25-8:05; and Thursdays 6:45-7:25. The session dates are:

Session 1: Tues, March 5-Mar 26 ; Wed, March 6- March 27, or Thur, March 7- March 28 

Session 2: Tues, April 9-April 30; Wed, April 10-May 1, or Thur, April 11- May 2

Questions about the Junior Guard Prep class can be directed to Jody Prior at 760-310-4088 or [email protected].

Click below for a list of local Junior Guard Programs.

Each City has it’s own test requirements and test dates. Please check the city website for the city you wish to participate for the appropriate information for your child. Below is a list of the websites for your reference and convenience.
Encinitas JG’s: www.encinitasjg.com
Del Mar JG’s: www.secure.delmarjg.com
Carlsbad JG’s: www.carlsbadjgs.com