Class Information

  • Water Wise Swim Squad (WWSS) classes are 40 minutes long. The classes are offered by age and skill. The age range for classes is 6-12 years old.
  • WWSS classes will have a maximum of fifteen students enrolled per 40 minute class. Coach Jeff and Jody will be aided in teaching these classes by two assistant coaches.
  • Sorry, we do not offer lessons for children below the age of 6.
  • WWSS no longer offers private lessons.

Registration Information/ Refund and Make-Up Policy

  • Each registration period offers an “Priority registration Period” for current members, and a “General Registration Period” for new or returning members. Spaces during the general registration period are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of registration.
  • Each child enrolling in a group lesson for the first time will receive a free WWSS swimsuit. The girls’ suits are one-piece and are a competitive style suit. The boys suits are “Jammers” – they look like bike shorts. The suits are the class uniform and are required to be worn at class at all times. If you outgrow or lose the suit, you need to PURCHASE a suit from WWSS.
  • REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be given after 7 days PRIOR to the start of the session. Please consider this before enrolling.
  • MAKE-UP POLICY: No make-up classes are offered. Attendance at class is not required. Please try to make as many as you can.
  • CLASS CANCELATION POLICY: If WWSS is forced to cancel class due to a problem with the pool or pool water, or nature forces a cancellation (i.e. wild fires), no refund or credit will be issued.

Policies and Reminders

  • Please do not bring your child to class if they are running a fever or are vomiting or have diarrhea.
  • If a child is crying or upset during class, we will make an effort to comfort this child. However, if our techniques do not seem to be working we may pull the child out of the lesson. This RARELY happens…
  • Please have your children go to the bathroom just before class. They are permitted to get out and go to the bathroom during class…but it is better for them if they don’t miss any part of their class.
  • Parents, please stay in the designated seating area during class. Please NEVER approach your child while they are in a lesson and NEVER approach a coach during a lesson. This is a big distraction, not just for your child but for the other kids as well. We want the kids to be focused on the coaches, not the parents.
  • Parents, please do not “coach” from the sidelines. Again, we want the kids focused on the coaches, not you. Also, you may be coaching your child to do something different than we are teaching. This sends a mixed message and is confusing to the kids.
  • Deck space and seating at the pool is very limited. Please take this into consideration before attending class. It may be best to time your arrival to just a few minutes before class.
  • If you are bringing siblings with you to the pool (who are not enrolled in lessons,) please keep an eye on them and make sure they are behaving. They are your responsibility, not that of WWSS. Please also make sure they understand not to approach the pool or their sibling during class.
  • All children must enter the pool without food or gum in their mouths.
  • Hair needs to be kept out of the children’s faces (and mouths.) Swim caps will be required if the coaches feel the child’s hair is negatively effecting their stroke improvement (technique.) (Ask Program Director (P.D.) Jeff Prior for the “trick” for easily putting the swim cap on).
  • Swim goggles are required.
  • For your convenience, goggles and swim caps are available for purchase at the pool. It is not required that you buy these items from us (but it is required that you buy the swimsuit from us, should you need a replacement).
  • Please put your child’s name on their goggles, cap and swimsuit.
  • Parents, if you have a question about anything, please contact Program Director (Jeff Prior) at 760-216-7946 or email at [email protected].