Water Wise System of Learning

Water Wise Swim School lessons has a series of ten levels of stroke progressions and skill development. Graduation from level to level in our program is determined by the attainment of the “Advancement Goals” established for each level. Once your child has reached the advancement goal for a particular level, they then “move-up” to the next level and begin working on more advanced skills. This way, each student progresses at their own rate – which we believe is the best way to keep the kids learning and motivated to succeed.

Students in our Water Wise lessons are grouped into their appropriate level based off their swimming skills. We accept kids who are at least five years old and at a level of independence in the water as well as kids who may already know how to swim freestyle and other strokes but want to become stronger and more efficient in the water. We teach the kids the four competitive swimming strokes – freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. We also teach the kids how to do flip-turns, racing dives and safety skills such as rolling over on their back and floating and yelling for help as well as treading water. By the time a child graduates from our highest level – Station 10 –they can swim 350 yards of freestyle without stopping (within ten minutes), as well as 100 yards of backstroke and a 100 Individual Medley – a pretty good feat!

Below is the list of our Levels. Each new student will have an in-water evaluation to determine their skill level. This evaluation is typically done during the registration period for the upcoming session. It takes only a few minutes but it helps us get an accurate placement for the child’s skills.

Note: WWSS no longer offers the very beginning skill levels (1-3) so all students must have a level of independence in the water. They should be able to push off the wall on their own and swim to the teacher 10 feet away, as well as be able to perform a back float.
Level 4: Crawl Stroke
Level 5: Freestyle
Level 6: Backstroke
Level 7: Individual Medley (IM) Awareness
Level 8: Breastroke or Butterfly
Level 9: Breastroke or Butterfly
Level 10: Mastery – Graduation