We call this class “Grad School” because to be eligible, a student must have graduated from level 10 of our group lesson program (when your child is ready to graduate you will receive a “graduation announcement” email from Coach Jeff.) Grad School is a swim team style class and focuses on continued technique development and conditioning. The classes are coached by Program Director Jeff Prior and are offered at the following times:

Tuesday – 6:45-7:20pm

Thursday – 6:45-7:20 pm

Saturday – 10:30-11:05

Sunday – 8:25-9:00am

Sunday – 11:30-12:00

The purpose of Grad School is to offer an opportunity for your kids to continue to improve their swimming skills and stamina past what we offered in our SwimAmerica group lessons. Grad school is a great way for kids to transition from group lessons to swim team; it is also great those kids who simply want to keep swimming once a week after they graduate, but don’t wish to move on to a swim team. This is their chance. The registration for Grad School is on a quarterly basis. The cost of Grad School is $160 per quarter (session.)

Also, every three months we run a “Grad School Fun Meet” where the kids get to compete against each other and win ribbons. This gives the kids a chance to compete and experience a swim meet. Participation is optional…but the meets are very popular, and fun!